HMF 1130K-RCS Crane

The HMF 1130K-RCS is a versatile crane with compact design and radio controls making it ideal for a variety of applications.


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The HMF 1130K-RCS truck loading crane has high lifting capacity at long reach, in high positions, and close to the column. The low tare weight and compact design help to make best utilisation of the truck body. This model is available in different specifications such as the 1130-K2 giving 1,340kg lift at 7.5metres, the 1130-K3 giving 970kg lift at 9.6metres, the 1130-K4 providing 720kg lift at 11.7 metres, and the 1130-K5 providing 540kg lift at 13.9metres. Contact us for price and availability on this model.