Fassi Cranes

Fassi cranes are produced in Italy and represent one of the largest crane manufacturers in the world.  Nixons Wagga have been supplying Fassi cranes for many years and have witnessed the growth of the Fassi crane brand to become one of the most dominant in the Australian marketplace.

Fassi cranes offer a large range of configurations and would have a crane for almost every application imaginable.

Light Duty Cranes

The Fassi truck crane range starts with its Micro cranes.  These cranes are ideal for installation to light trucks and can be powered by either power take off (PTO) or from battery operation via hydraulic powerpack.  Additional Fassi manual extensions and stabiliser legs are options available in the Fassi Micro range.  Cranes in the Fassi Micro range include:

  • Fassi M10A
  • Fassi M15A
  • Fassi M20A
  • Fassi M25A
  • Fassi F30A

 Medium Duty Cranes

Following on from the Micro range Fassi have a number of cranes for medium duty applications.  These cranes are relatively light weight and compact with a number of models featuring the HO overload system meeting the new Australian Standard.  Fassi cranes suitable for medium duty applications include:

  • Fassi F22A
  • Fassi F28B
  • Fassi F38A
  • Fassi F40B
  • Fassi F50A
  • Fassi F65A
  • Fassi F80A

Heavy Duty Cranes

Heavy duty cranes manufactured by Fassi represent some of the best engineered cranes on the market today combining excellence in mechanical, hydraulic and electronic design.  The larger crane models produced by Fassi are fitted with the Fassi electronic control system which controls and visualises the load conditions of the crane, manages the lifting moment in relation to the stability conditions of the vehicle, transmits and records the operational data and automatically signals the routine maintenance.  Fassi cranes in the heavy duty range include:

  • Fassi F95A
  • Fassi F110A
  • Fassi F130A
  • Fassi F150A
  • Fassi F170A
  • Fassi F190A
  • Fassi F195A
  • Fassi F210A
  • Fassi F215A
  • Fassi F240B
  • Fassi F290A
  • Fassi F310AXP

Fassi cranes produce a number of models with lifting capacities above that of the F310AXP.  Please contact us if you require further information on these models.